Time to “Be Real”

The perfect pose, the filter that highlights our best qualities, the background, the light... We are used to posting our photos and videos on social networks with many filters and strategically planned poses, but an app seeks to demolish all this. 

BeReal It is defined as a "spontaneous platform" that aims for its users to share a life without filters. What is it? A notification arrives on your phone “Time to do your BeReal! From that moment the countdown begins. You open the app and you have two minutes to take a photo of yourself and whatever is in front of you, that is, it captures both the front and rear cameras of the phone. 

Aplicación Be Real

BeReal, a relatively new app, bills itself as an "authentic" way to express yourself on social media.

What is the limit of what we upload?

At The Stillman Factory (TSF), we maintain that "it's okay to 'not be okay' all the time." Sometimes we fill ourselves with photos of dream trips, of ideal jobs, of perfect bodies, and we don't see what's behind all that construction. We miss out on sacrifice, constancy and many other factors. 

This new application allows us to demolish the myth that 'everything is perfect' in the digital world. 

How to take advantage of this trend?

We believe that it is important to show images in our posts and stories that allow our clients to identify themselves, to feel part of it. Currently it is necessary to generate empathy with the user. In this way, trust with the brand increases, generating better results. 

Depending on the communication strategy we have, showing ourselves as a "more human" brand will give us a closer profile to our public, without losing the professional tone that we seek to convey. 

Undoubtedly, this can generate controversy in the way in which companies have been communicating. But, in this as in many other cases, adapting to give the best version of ourselves is going to be the best strategy. 

Start transmitting the essence of your business. activate your #realmode, activate your #modeTSF. 

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