The importance of generating content and scheduling it

Forgot to post on an important date for YOUR business? From The Stillman Factory (TSF) we share tips so that it does not happen to you again. 

Knowing what and when we want to communicate on our social networks is very important for the development of each business and also to improve the results we want to achieve. 

For Aldana Fichera, TSF Account Leader, the first benefit of scheduling content is time optimization and the peace of mind of having everything under control, both with dates and with the generation of ideas for the content itself. 

Having the content scheduled also favors dealings with the client, since we have defined in advance what we are going to tell throughout the month, week, or fortnightly. This allows us to generate content exchanges before programming them. 

There are a series of elements or aspects that we cannot leave forgotten. Among them, he points out: 

  • Creativity: El tema de cada copy es tan importante como el contenido de la imagen seleccionada 
  • Meet our target: Be clear about who our buyer persona is, what phase of the purchase process they are in, what information we have or the content categories on which we have to focus. 

Another advantage of content scheduling is that it allows us to keep track of the topics that we dealt with previously, to be able to expand them in the future or not to repeat them again, always adapted to our agenda and to the topics that are on the rise. 

Aldana affirms that "scheduling our content will allow us to work on our strategy and achieve the proposed results in the most efficient and effective way possible."

And now... Do you already know what content you can't miss in your next calendars?

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