Valentine's Day on social media

Love is in the air and Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Whether you like it or not, it is an important date for brands. Year after year, sales at this time have a growth peak, so it is not strange that brands develop various marketing actions to take advantage of this celebration. 

Valentine's Day advertising is not only focused on couples or friends, since consumers also take advantage of this holiday to purchase products or services of their interest. So, how to take advantage of this holiday in my social networks? 

5 marketing campaign ideas

From The Stillman Factory we share with you 5 marketing campaign ideas for you to apply and enhance your brand:

  1. Gives gift ideas 
    Among so many options, users are probably confused about what to buy for this day. Therefore, we encourage you to create specific content for this date. For example, you can create a gift guide for men, publish it on your website and disseminate it through your social networks. 
  2. Make offers 
    With millions of customers buying gifts online, there is one way to get your business ahead of the competition: run a bidding campaign. 
    While offering an attractive discount is key to a successful bidding campaign, what matters most is how, when and where you promote your products.
  3. Offers more benefits 
    While almost all brands offer discounts for this day, other incentives, such as free shipping, can set your store apart from the competition.   
    After all, free shipping is one of the main factors influencing the purchase decision of online consumers.
  4. Join us! 
    Google Ads and Facebook Ads are great platforms to advertise. This type of digital marketing strategies offer you immediate visibility in those terms where you want to appear or in those profiles that interest you.
  5. Change the avatar of your networks or the front page of your website 
    Why not change your avatar or your cover for a few days and adapt them to this special date? Although this strategy is not so much aimed at selling, it can reinforce your brand image, which will make all your followers fall in love with you!
There is still time to prepare your strategy in order to take advantage of the boom that will take place on this holiday. Still don't know what content to apply in these campaigns? We share with you some of the best Valentine's Day advertising campaigns to inspire you. 

Inspirational ideas

We can tell the same story from multiple points of view, but have you ever thought of doing it from the searches that we do? we realize every day? What we find in search engines may be what defines thecourse of our days. 


How to integrate this vision into your brand? 

Think about the details that connect your brand to your customers' most important experiences.eHow do you make their dreams come true? That may be the key to naming emotions in a direct and simple way. 

The Dutch organization L’Office Hollandais des Fleurs,through its initiative La Joie des Fleurs,recovers the most romantic vision of Valentine's Day. 


How to integrate this vision into your brand? 

Don'tbe afraid to get the attention of your target audience! Remember that an interactive experience has a high probability of success. In addition, the idea of "breaking glass in case of emergency" turns a common object into something extraordinary.  


How happy can the world's best-known beverage brand make you? Coca-Cola spread its message of sharing special moments in a simple and close way.  


How to integrate this vision into your brand? 

Createa an experience that combines spontaneity and freshness. Coca-Cola achieved this by bringing one of its products in an unexpected way..   

This is a look at one of the many ways of understanding love and family today. Moreover, having a puppy as a protagonist is an effective resource and captivating resource! 


How to integrate this vision into your brand? 

You can make your products appear the same way by thinking of them as an organic element of the ad, rather than an object you must sell at all costs.  

And you... Do you already know what marketing strategy you are going to apply to celebrate love?

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