Ecommerce, the sale of the moment.

To currently sell on social networks, a simple contact from our client is not enough. You need to get to know him and build a relationship with him. If your brand does not sell through social networks, it is likely that your competitors are doing it and you are one step behind them. 

The most important thing to start selling in this medium is that you have a good defined the public, that is, the people to whom you are going to sell your product or service and thus be able to define which social network is most convenient to implement your sale.

How do I define my target audience?

To define the target audience well, the following steps must be followed. In the first place, one should start with the most general, that is, age, location and interests. Then you can use analytics of social networks that will allow you to have a broader vision of the tastes and preferences of your potential customers. On the other hand, it is important keep an eye on the competition. It must be deeply analyzed to better define the target audience and also to know if your competitors pursue the same objectives and target the same audience. Finally, you must know and make known the real value of your product or service.

It does not only imply selling the product, but also meeting the expectations and needs of the public.

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