The metaverse: the future of digital marketing?

Creating new experiences for our customers is essential and, therefore, we must be in constant search of tools and strategies that allow us to enhance our business. Now, together with the metaverse, we can offer you a set of unique moments, from trying a product to traveling to other places from the comfort of your home. 

But, what is the metaverse? The term comes from a 1992 novel called "Snow Crash", which has now settled to describe visions of three-dimensional workspaces. It is a virtual world to which we connect using a series of devices that will make us think that we are really inside it, interacting with all its elements.  

In this regard, Laura Aguirre, President of The Stillman Factory, points out that "augmented reality allows new digital marketing strategies, attracting our audiences with something new". And she adds, "in this way, we differentiate ourselves even more from our competition, allowing our targets to 'live' an experience with the brand." 

The virtual world is not something new, and there are currently a large number of devices that allow us to enter these worlds in a matter of seconds. The computer, the cell phone, the smartwatch, the tele .... Virtuality is something that crosses us in our daily lives. We are able to stay connected throughout the day.  

The metaverse seeks to generate a kind of alternative reality, in which we will be able to do the same things we do today outside our home, but without leaving our room. Visiting the lighthouse at the end of the world without leaving Buenos Aires? Visiting the Vatican from Argentina? Yes, everything is possible thanks to this tool. 

As Laura says, "let's put on the virtual reality goggles and start living new experiences".. 

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