Content Localization

Content Localization

Did you ever think that your campaigns may not have worked because of the language you built your content with?

To reach your target audience, you need to speak the same language. English or Spanish have a lot of variants depending on the area or country.

It’s not only about the language, but also about having the correct expressions of that culture, knowing the ways a specific region expresses itself, which words are more common or used in a specific country.

The Stillman Factory is part of the Stillman Solutions Team, a group of companies also formed by Stillman Translations. We have a team of expert linguists located in different cities around the world, which allows us to provide you with a content strategy with the exact voice you need in order to connect with your audiences, in each culture and region.

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Your brand must communicate a single message to position itself.

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Why? Simple: for your potential customers and stakeholders to know, recognize, and remember you, you need to provide a unified content in terms of style, tone and voice. A brand is like a person: we must recognize its personality, its way of expressing itself, and its values in every action it takes. For this reason, your company’s communication must be planned according to your brand’s DNA, so that it has coherence from its very creation, writing, and graphic design, both online and offline media. >

We organize and coordinate corporate events so that your brand gets the positioning and the top of mind you need.

We organize and coordinate corporate events so that your brand gets the positioning and the top of mind you need.

Comprehensive custom organization – companies, congresses, conferences, workshops

1. Online participant registration

2. Digital customization – exclusive event website with audiovisual material

3. Event promotion in social networks, online channels, traditional and digital media

4. Communication and Press – before, during and after

5. Delivery of attendees database

6. Participant satisfaction survey

7. Performance results and report

At The Stillman Factory we design strategic communication plans to improve your brand’s positioning.

Nowadays, achieving a positive experience on digital platforms is a challenge. In just a few seconds, your brand must impact, excite and, sometimes, even generate a subsequent action. We create the right communication strategy to achieve your goals.

  • PR strategy and creativity
  • 1. Press and promotion campaigns – Journalistic writing
  • 2. Institutional Relations
  • 3. Corporate Social Responsibility Programs
  • 4. Media training, crisis training, media map
  • 5. Crisis Management

Tailored and personalized plans in digital, graphic and audiovisual media. We provide strategies that can include press releases, content generation, clipping and reporting, organization of corporate, sales, press events, and much more!

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We imagine, bring to life and translate your message into film or animated language.

We bring your brand to life so that it can interact with your audiences, both in real and virtual worlds.

We explore new ways to reach your targets, with more and better content: original, diversified, and innovative.

Both in the identity and in each of the contents of a brand, we believe that the design is what adds value to your customers.

That is why we have a creative team that will exceed your expectations. Through proposals that combine the best tools in digital design with the latest in UX (user experience), we generate an emotional bond with your company.

Corporate identity

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